Thessaloniki – a City that Never Sleeps

Dynamic and Authentic

The nearest airport to Halkidiki is Macedonia. It is just a 15-minute drive from Thessaloniki. Be sure to plan your trip so that you have the opportunity to see the city. Thessaloniki is the metropolis of northern Greece, built by Kassander in 316 BC. on the shore of the Thermaikos Bay. The city is named after the wife of Kassander – Thessaloniki. In 50 BC the apostle Paul brought the first message of Christianity here.

Now it is the second largest city in Greece with its unique complex history. In 1917, Thessaloniki was burned during a terrible fire and was rebuilt by 1920. UNESCO called Thessaloniki a monument of world cultural heritage. Due to construction of metro, which, like any business in Greece, is moving slowly, right in the middle of a busy street you will see the ancient structures that metro builders come across here and there. The city has a large number of Byzantine churches and ancient monuments. The most famous of them are the Arc de Triomphe (Camara) and the Rotunda.

The City that Never Sleeps

At the same time, Thessaloniki is a very dynamic vibrant city: countless cafes, bars, restaurants and taverns are never empty. Be sure to drink coffee in a local cafe overlooking the sea, in the evening visit Lazazika and dine at the local tavern, and then go to one of the modern bars.

In the afternoon, visit the symbol of the city – the White Tower, located on the promenade, take a walk to the port of Thessaloniki, look at the Aristotle Square, check the galleries, the National Theater, the Theater of Northern Greece, the Archaeological Museum.Tsimiski Street is a paradise for shopping lovers. Teeming with local and international brands, it is the center of fashion in Northern Greece. In general, all the streets of Thessaloniki, starting from Egnatia and descending parallel to it to the very promenade, are full of shops. The rule for shopping is simple: the closer to the sea, the more expensive the brands are.

Thessaloniki is a city that never sleeps. Life boils here from morning to late night, more precisely until the morning. Most of the clubs and bars are concentrated in Milos, the old mill. Clubs with traditional music – bouzouki – are located near the airport. These places should definitely be visited by lovers of late fun.

A rich past and dynamic modernity, Europe and the East are naturally intertwined in this city. Enjoy every minute of your stay here!